Body Roller

  • What is a Body Roller?

    It’s a massage machine that combines lymphatic drainage and deep muscle massage techniques to target the whole body.

    The machine also has infrared technology, chromotherapy, collagen lamp and air ionisation. In contrast to regular manual massage or foam rolling the Body Roller gives the user complete control of the experience in terms of speed and pressure, and what to do with their time whilst on it!

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  • What are the benefits?

    The machine offers a long list of benefits. The Body Roller promotes lymphatic drainage, a process that helps remove toxins, excess fluids and waste from the body. Lymphatic drainage will help reduce water retention and instantly make you feel lighter. Regular use will help tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Lymphatic drainage may also increase energy levels, boost immunity, metabolic function and sleep quality.

    In addition the Body Roller offers the same benefits as sports massage and foam rolling, including deep muscle release, boost of blood flow as well as sore muscle and joints relief. Using the Body Roller may help speed up sports recovery, improve mobility and prevent injuries, enhance physical performance and overall wellbeing.

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  • Who is it for?

    It’s for everybody, that’s what’s so great about it! The Body Roller compliments all forms of training, and everybody can benefit from it, no matter their fitness level. The machine has multiple uses, the most common ones being lymphatic drainage, body reshaping, sports recovery, workout substitute and plain relaxation.

  • How often should I use it?

    This depends slightly on why you are using the Body Roller and what goals you are trying to achieve. If you are using the Body Roller to achieve goals linked to the lymphatic drainage benefits we would recommend 2-3 45 min sessions per week at first, this will give much faster results and benefits. You could then reduce it to 1-2 per week to maintain. Everyone is different though and some people may find that they need to use it more or less than others to achieve the same results.
    If you use it purely for sports recovery benefits then you could use it as often as every day!

  • How long does a session last?

    A full session lasts 45 minutes and targets the whole body. 

    We also offer 20 minutes Sports Recovery sessions for those looking to target specific areas post exercise or on a rest day.

  • What should I wear?

    Comfortable and fitted gym wear and socks. Avoid wearing clothes with strings, buttons and zippers as these could get stuck in the machine. Please remove any jewellery that could get stuck in the machine and remember to put your hair up!

  • What can I expect from my session?

    A full 45 minutes session targets the whole body. You will stay for 3 minutes in each position, the machine will stop when it’s time to change and the screen will indicate what to do next.

    A member of staff will set you up on the machine on your first visit and talk you through everything you need to know. They will also be able to answer any questions you may have.

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  • How does it feel?

    It might tickle you at first, but usually it just feels really good! You may feel temporary tingling, itching or numbness when using the machine, this is completely normal and nothing to worry about, these are all signs of increased blood flow and your nervous system becoming activated. 

  • What should I eat/drink before/after?

    We recommend drinking plenty of water before, during and after your session to avoid dehydration and feeling faint. We don’t recommend rolling on an empty stomach or just after a huge meal. 

    If you have had alcohol the night before or are planning a night out afterwards, please double up on the water intake as you will be extra susceptible to dehydration. (It is not possible to use the Body Roller if you are still intoxicated.)

  • What can I do whilst using it?

    You can simply just enjoy the moment or (if you go with your friend or partner) use the time to socialise. You can read a book or bring your headphones if you want to listen to music or a podcast or watch Netflix. If you need to keep working the good news is that you can keep checking and replying to emails whilst using the machine.

  • Are there any contraindications?

    You must consult your physician before using the Body Roller if you have a medical condition, are pregnant or if you are recovering from in injury. 

  • Does it hurt?

    No, if used correctly it doesn’t hurt. If you feel pain you are applying too much pressure!

  • Does it remove cellulite?

    Yes, using the Body Roller reduces the appearance of cellulite and improves skin texture. Most people start seeing improvement after approximately 5 sessions.

    We recommend 10 sessions spread out over 4-5 weeks for best results.

  • Will the Body Roller make me lose weight?

    The Body Roller is amazing for reducing water retention and get rid of excess water weight, you will see and feel results after just one session but it becomes more noticeable with regular use. 

    Incorporating the Body Roller into your wellness routine can also support enhanced weight management. This is because a healthy and efficient lymphatic system is crucial for your body to cleanse itself and maintain a healthy and balanced weight. Lymphatic drainage therapy can help increase lymph flow, aiding the body in shedding excess weight.

    While lymphatic drainage is a valuable tool for weight management, it’s important to note that it doesn’t guarantee significant results on its own. However, when combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet, it becomes a valuable component of a comprehensive weight loss program.

    If you are already leading a healthy lifestyle and seek to optimise your internal system, a lymphatic drainage massage can be an excellent addition to support your approach to weight loss.

  • How is using the Body Roller different to foam rolling or stretching?

    The main benefit of the Body Roller in comparison to other recovery techniques commonly used is that you use one way direction of rolling throughout. This results in fluids released from soft tissue being constantly rolled towards your lymph nodes for your lymphatic system to deal with. Foam rollers for example the movement is back and forth and static stretching is static as the name suggests. Massage guns are impact based and also don’t benefit from one directional rolling unless the user knows anatomy

  • What is infrared and what does it do?

    Infrared is a safe red light treatment feature built into the Body Roller. Some users may experience mild itchiness as it stimulates blood flow. Infrared utilises specific light wave frequencies to provide distinct benefits tailored to individual goals.

    For those seeking lymphatic drainage, infrared stimulates skin cell regeneration, boosting collagen production for improved skin elasticity and texture.

    For users focused on sports recovery, the warmth and heat from infrared help relax muscles, enhancing the effectiveness of rolling. Additionally, increased blood flow delivers oxygen to muscles, promoting better recovery and healing for soft tissue injuries

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  • What is a Somadome?

    It’s the world’s first meditation dome providing a sacred space to experience the scientifically proven benefits of meditation. The experience immerses you in a synergistic cocoon of healing that uses LED colour and light therapy, binaural beat meditation, and energy healing magnets for optimal restoration. The space also shields from EMF / electronic device emissions, allowing your body’s natural alignment to be restored.

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  • What are the benefits?

    The Somadome offers the same benefits as regular meditation including stress relief, vitality, and mind/body alignment. Single sessions will make you feel less stressed and calm. For most people regular sessions will dramatically reduce anxiety and depression, they will experience increased performance and recovery and a boost of focus and creativity. Other benefits may include better sleep, lowered blood pressure, increased serotonin production, immunity boost, enhanced creativity, increased intuition and decreased tension-related pain.

    Read more about the benefits here.

  • Who is it for?

    The Somadome is for everyone and the perfect space to discover or rediscover the benefits of meditation for the beginner! Any age or health condition can benefit from alignment. 

  • How often should I use it?

    As often as you want and can! Meditation and Mindfulness is a consistent practice. People who do multiple sessions per week have the best results. Sessions can be done multiple times a day.

  • How long does a session last?

    A Somadome session lasts for 20 minutes. 

  • What should I expect?

    While seated comfortably inside the dome, you will be guided gently through a meditation of your choosing. Somadome offers different meditation tracks each targeting a specific goal, such as healing, physical performance, focus, love or overcoming various obstacles. If you are new to meditation you may prefer a track that includes verbal guidance, while others may like an unguided track with just ambient music. All tracks include binaural beats.

  • What are binaural beats?

    Binaural beats are audible sounds that are perceived by your brain, in the setting of listening to stereo musical frequencies through a headset. In a sense, they are an acoustic illusion, or artifact, that is built from the particular interaction of two different sounds. It’s believed that binaural beats assist in achieving a state where altering your mood is more likely, or that binaural beats may actually ‘entrain’ your brain towards the preferred state of mind you choose.

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  • What do the magnets do?

    The magnets cancel out harmful EMFs like those generated by electronic devices and work together synergistically to create a cocoon of energy that replicate the frequency of a healthy human body and stimulate the free flow of chi or life energy.

  • Will it make me tired?

    Even if you fall asleep, people consistently report emerging refreshed and renewed; returning to work or your workout with added energy and focus, enjoying life with an enhanced feeling of calm, clarity and inner resonance.

  • Are there any contraindications?

    None. Being in the Somadome carries the same risks as sitting at home in your chair and listening to an audiobook. There is no evidence, or scientific hypothesis whatsoever to justify a concern for safety or harm based on sitting in quiet contemplation of an improved state of mind.

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