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The Somadome integrates three healing modalities: sounds and binaural beats, colour light therapy and energy medicine.


The Somadome uses binaural beats to help guide you into a state of mental clarity, where altering your mood is much more likely. It is believed that binaural beats can entrain your brain towards your preferred state of mind. 

Binaural beats are sounds, or ‘beats’, produced by the brain when the right ear and the left hear sounds at different frequencies. This can only be achieved by listening via a headset.

Different brain frequencies offer different healing properties and since each meditation programme uses a combination of frequencies (delta, theta, alpha, beta and gamma) each programme offers a unique benefit. More details here.

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All Somadome meditation programmes use colour therapy that relax the mind and body into an infinite colour space. 

All colours have been carefully selected and paired with the intention of each session. This is because different colours cause different chemical reactions in our brains when stimulated by them and hence promote different healing properties. More details here.

All sessions start and end with white light that is believed to promote balance, increase harmony and improve overall well-being.


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The Somadome incorporates energy therapy through healing magnets built into its base and micro crystalline tiles found within the dome. 

Magnet therapy enhances feeling calm and connected, the same feeling we get when we spend time in nature. It resets the body’s meridian alignment and allows vital energy to flow freely throughout your body. 

The micro crystalline tiles mimic vibrations found in nature and block emissions from cell phones and other electronic devices creating a cocoon that replicates the frequency of a healthy human body. It is therefore highly recommended you leave your phone outside the dome during your session, and if you wear a smartwatch remember to take that off too!

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