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Beauty benefits

Reduced cellulite & water retention

Body rolling is an effective and non-invasive way (with no down-time) to reduce the appearance of cellulite, improve skin texture and support weight management

Using the Body Roller reduces water retention as lymphatic drainage encourages the body’s natural detoxification process and speeds up the removal of excess fluids.

You will see and feel reduced water retention after just one session! If your concern is cellulite we initially recommend 10 sessions spread out over 4-5 weeks for best results, most of our customers start to see results after approximately 5 sessions.

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Inner benefits

More energy & decreased toxins

The Body Roller promotes lymphatic drainage which comes with a long list of amazing inner benefits. When the lymphatic system works we simply feel amazing! Expect more energy and better sleep after just one session! Regular users can also look forward to improved immunity and metabolic function. Many of our regular customers also claim they experience less cravings.

Body rolling is also a great way to detox the body as the Body Roller encourages the body’s lymphatic system to work harder to remove toxins, waste and excessive fluids out of your body.

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Sports benefits

Quicker recovery & less injuries

Taking the time and prioritising recovery in between training sessions comes with some real benefits, the most important (in our opinion) being injury prevention. Avoiding injury means you can continue to workout without having to take time off, meaning you will be able to stay on track and reach your fitness goals faster!

Using the Body Roller post exercise and on rest days can speed up sports recovery as it may alleviate muscle fatigue and prevent/reduce DOMS. The machine is also a fantastic way to relieve already sore muscles, improve circulation and increase mobility.

In addition, using the Body Roller as active recovery gives you that workout buzz many of us crave daily without putting any stress on the body, it’s perfect when your body needs that extra day off.

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Re Place — Sports benefits — Body Roller Benefits — Body Roller Benefits