Body Roller

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Innovative design

Our Body Rollers are the most modern and innovative rollers on the fitness and physiotherapy market. They are superior in design and comfort to all other Body Roll machines.

The soft cushioning on the sides in combination with soft floor padding and a comfortable stool gives the user a very enjoyable experience.

The machine also has infrared technology, chromotherapy, collagen lamp and air ionisation for added benefits.

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Rotating soft wooden beads

The Body Roller has soft rotating wooden beads that promote lymphatic drainage, myofascial / deep muscle release.

The shape of the beads encourages your system to start working and . It feels really soft against the body and in combination with the infrared therapy they heat up to a pleasant temperature.


Re Place — Rotating soft wooden beads

Infrared therapy

Our Body Rollers have infrared light therapy built in that heats up and relaxes the muscles, which feels really good!

Infrared also promotes blood circulation and cell regeneration which is something you can’t get from a traditional massage or foam rolling. In combination with the collagen lamp it also stimulates the skin.

The user can turn the infrared off should they feel too hot.

Re Place — Infrared therapy

Easy to follow screen

Our Body Rollers are equipped with a large 8″ intuitive colour touch screens with easy to follow instructions on how to work the machine. The image on the screen indicates the position and tells the user when it’s time to change.

The user can see how much time is left in each position and how long is left on the entire session.

In addition the user can easily control the speed from the screen, turn on and off autospeed and infrared therapy. The user can also change the direction of the rotation of the roller when using a manual programme.


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